How to Repair Vinyl Seats

by Joshua Bailey

Vinyl seats are easy to clean, and they are aesthetically pleasing as well. The only problem with vinyl is when it rips or tears. Most of the time, you may need to simply replace the entire vinyl covering altogether. However, if there is a thin rip in the vinyl, you can patch it on your own without having to replace it completely or needing a professional's help.


Look at the tear and determine if it is small enough to patch and not large enough to need replacement. A long, thin tear can be patched, but it will be difficult if it is any longer than a few inches.


Cut around the edge of the rip if it is hole-shaped. Making it even on all sides will let you cut a single round piece of vinyl that will cover the hole evenly without the jagged edges of the hole showing on the sides.


Place the piece of cut vinyl over the tear, and gently push it into the crack or hole. This will assure the tear will be filled and covered completely.

You may need to dye the vinyl patch using vinyl coloring if it does not exactly match the vinyl to which you are attaching it.


Lift up the edges of the vinyl patch and apply a thin amount of vinyl adhesive around its edges. Also apply a thin line of adhesive on the vinyl seat. The adhesive will bond to itself once the patch is applied to the vinyl seat.

Do not apply adhesive to the center of the patch. That will cause it to stick to the stuffing inside of the vinyl seat when placed over the tear. You only want the vinyl to be attached to vinyl, not the cushioning underneath.


Allow the adhesive to dry for 24 hours before sitting on the seat or applying any pressure to the repaired area.

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