How to Repair a Honda Valkyrie Removing the Fuel Tank

by Katherine Harvey

Honda manufactured the Valkyrie motorcycle from 1997 to 2003. That means even the newer models are beginning to show their age and will require maintenance. One common piece of body work that needs to be done is to strip and repaint the fuel tank. Or maybe you accidentally left gas in the tank while the bike was in storage over the winter and the gas has lacquered. In either case, you will need to first remove the fuel tank in order to address the issue.


Empty the gasoline tank. You can drive your Valkyrie until it goes into reserve, or you can siphon it out with a hose.


Use your key to unlock the seat, then remove it from the bike.


Turn the fuel valve off.


Slide a Philips screwdriver into the center hold of the fuel valve and loosen the screw inside until you can pivot the fuel valve out of the way.


Pivot the fuel valve out of the way.


Unscrew the bolt on the bottom front of the fuel tank. You will need an 8-mm socket with an extension.


Remove the bolt on the bottom rear of the fuel tank. This will require a 12-mm socket. If it sticks, use a flat screwdriver to pry up the rubber block beneath the bolt.


Lift the back of the fuel tank. The fuel valve can catch on the clutch line when you lift it, so be careful to move it out of the way when you lift the tank.


Pull off the fuel vent hose at the back of the tank. The fuel tank should still be raised at this point. It may be necessary to force the clamp on the hose down with a pair of slip-joint pliers.


Lower the tank back into place.


Go to the right side of your Valkyrie and remove the two hoses behind the ignition switch. The smaller one will pull off without removing the clamps. The larger of the two you will need to remove the clamp with slip-joint pliers before the hose will slide off.


Lift the tank off of your bike, again being careful not to catch the fuel valve on the clutch line.

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