How to Repair a CD Player in a Toyota 4 Runner

by Greyson Ferguson

The Toyota 4 Runner comes with a built in CD stereo system, allowing to listen to all your favorite CDs. However, if the CDs are beginning to skip, not playing at all, or even CD stuck in the player, you need to troubleshoot the hardware. You don't need many special tools, and the equipment you do need only costs a few dollars at your local automotive supply store.

Look over the bottom of your CD. If the CD is dirty the Toyota 4 Runner's CD player is going to skip during playback. Wipe the CD clean with a soft cloth to correct the audio playback.

Spray a few shots of compressed air into the CD player. If the dust is building up on the CD player's lens all discs inserted are going to skip (even if the CD is brand new). The compressed air removes the dust build up on the player's lens.

Slide a small Phillips screwdriver into the CD player if you have a stuck disc. Insert the screwdriver under the CD and push it towards the back of the disc. Once under slightly pull the screwdriver down. This pushes the tip of the driver up and forces the CD off of the internal track, ejecting the disc.

Access the fuse compartment, directly below the steering wheel. Remove the current fuse that controls the stereo and front dash (for the exact fuse placement check your owners manual). Replace the fuse and power on the vehicle. The Toyota 4 Runner's CD player is now going to function correctly once again.

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