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How to Repair a Mirror on a Chevy Silverado

by Zyon Silket

The side view mirror on the Chevy Silverado bolts to the side of the door with studs fixed to the mating surface of the mirror. The mirror is made of durable plastic designed to take a moderate amount of abuse before the mirror lens breaks. However, if struck hard enough, the mirror lens could break. Repair the mirror on your Chevy Silverado by replacing the mirror lens.

Step 1

Push one side of the mirror lens into the Chevy Silverado's side mirror. If you replace the driver's side mirror, push the right side of the lens into the mirror. If you replace the passenger side mirror, push the left side of the lens into the mirror.

Step 2

Grasp the Silverado's mirror lens with your hand and pull outward on it. The lens has a metal strip fixed to the back of it. The strip of metal rests inside a slot inside the mirror's motor. Pulling on the mirror lens frees the metal strip from the slot in the motor.

Place the tip of the metal strip from the new lens into the slot on the motor and push the mirror lens into the mirror shell. As the metal strip pushes into the motor, it locks the mirror lens in place.

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