How to Repair a Honda Speedometer

by Michael Cantrell
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Honda is becoming one of the top brands in motorcycle manufacturing on the market. However, despite how well-manufactured these type of motorcycles are, they are still susceptible to damage. One of the parts you may have to repair on your Honda bike is the speedometer. Without a correctly functioning speedometer you will not be able to assess your speed. This can cause dangerous driving conditions or leave you exposed to run-ins with law enforcement officers.

Step 1

Park your Honda bike on the center stand. Insert your ignition key into the seat lock and turn it to the right. Pull the seat toward the back of the bike and remove it.

Step 2

Take out the middle fairings. Use a Philips screwdriver to remove the quick release screws from that secure the middle fairing to the lower fairing. Remove the single screw on the inner face of the fairing. Pull the upper fairing down so that it is away from the middle fairing. Repeat this process for the other middle fairing.

Step 3

Take your Philips screwdriver and remove the inner fairing panels and the upper fairings. Use a socket wrench to remove the rear view mirrors from the bike. Take out the socket bolts connected to the upper fairing. Pull the upper fairing up and disconnect the headlight and turn signal from the motorcycle wiring harness attached to the fairing.

Step 4

Unscrew the speedometer cable from the back of the meter assembly using pliers. Follow the cable down to the speed sensor located under the seat. Unscrew and remove the cable from the speed sensor.

Step 5

Run the replacement cable through the body of the bike down to the speed sensor. Attach the cable to the speed sensor. Connect the other end of the cable to the meter assembly.

Step 6

Replace the middle and upper fairings of the Honda motorcycle. To do this simply reverse the process in the steps above. Replace the seat in its regular position.

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