How to Repair Engine Oil Leak

by braniac

A lot of engine oil leaks can be stopped without the need of a skilled mechanic. 5 to 30 minutes of your time may be required.

When you verify that oil drips to the floor or ground from the engine area, you know it's not just the motor burning oil. Determine, if you can, where the leak is coming from. When a lot of the bottom of the motor has oil on it, the valve covers are probably leaking oil. Making sure the valve covers bolts are tight, will call for the proper screw driver or socket wrench. (In many cases buying new valve cover gaskets is a waste of time and money). If you found any loose valve cover bolts, you have probably stopped the leak. Hopefully it's the only one.

To find leaks in other areas, you may need to spray and clean possible leaking areas with a degreaser or carburetor cleaner. Verify that the oil drain pug bolt is tight and not stripped. If you see a hole in the oil pan, it may have been caused by running over a rock in the road. A hole in the oil pan, often can be remedied by screwing the proper size bolt into it. (You can call this the additional drain plug you installed, if you like). Cracks in an oil pan or the engine block, may be repaired with steep putty.

You'll need a socket wrench extension, to verify all of the bolts that attach the oil pan to the engine are tight.

Another possible leakage area could be an improperly installed oil filter or in unique cases an oil filter that's bent due to off road driving.

Some oil leaks can be stopped, merely by changing the oil and filter. Why? Some of the unburned gasoline drips into the engine oil. The longer the wait between oil changes, the higher the ratio of gasoline to oil is in the engine. Gasoline leaks out much more easily than does thick oil.


  • check Do not replace your engine oil with store bought, so called re-refined, re-filtered used motor oil, unless you enjoy adding a quart of oil every day and don't care if oil continues to leak in your driveway.

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