How to Drain the Oil From a Blazer

by Mark O'Brien
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Chevrolet recommends changing the engine oil in a Blazer every 3,000 miles. As motor oil ages, it loses its initial viscosity and additive quality, which could cause damage to the engine over time. Changing the oil yourself can save you time and money. You can easily change your Chevy Blazer's oil in your own driveway.

Step 1

Park your Chevy Blazer on a level spot. Apply the parking brake and shut off the vehicle.

Step 2

From under the Blazer, locate the square drain plug on the back side of the engine block on the base of the engine. Prepare to catch the oil in the oil drain pan and unscrew the drain plug. Screw the drain plug back in once all the oil is drained.

Step 3

Unscrew the oil filter, which is just above the drain plug on the side of the engine block. Wipe some old oil around the top rubber ring of the new oil filter. Screw the new oil filter on. Palm the new oil filter and turn it until it is very snug. Be careful not to strip the oil filter bolt by twisting it on to hard.

Step 4

Get out from under the vehicle. Unscrew the oil fill cap on top of the engine. Put five quarts of oil in the engine, using the funnel if necessary. Start the engine briefly and turn it off. Check the engine's dipstick to make sure the proper amount of oil has been added. Chevy Blazers are meant to have five quarts, so it should be perfect.

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