The Best Engine Oil Additives

by Robert Moore
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There are many engine oil additives on the market. Some oil additives are said to repair worn components or extend engine life. Other additives are designed only as preventatives and were not designed to fix any pre-existing condition. Some oil additives on the market will void new car warranties; normally due to the ingredients used to create them. Some additives provide guarantees that they will not void any warranty, and sometimes even provide customers with warranties when used properly.

Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is made primarily from petroleum and combats against dry engine starts. The manufacturer claims it will reduce oil consumption and lower the overall operating temperature of your engine. It is designed for use in new and used vehicles and will not void any manufacturer warranty. The one benefit over any other oil additive is that it will increase your oil life by up to 50 percent. Lucas oil stabilizer is also reported to help increase lost horsepower and provide better fuel economy. This oil additive is very sticky and actually provides a protective coating over internal engine components.

Motor Honey

Motor Honey Oil Stabilizer, manufactured by Casite, is a leading oil additive that is available in almost any automotive parts store. Casite claims that Motor Honey will restore lost horsepower and fuel economy associated with wear of engine components. Motor Honey is said to help reduce oil usage and stop engine smoking; symptoms that are commonly associated with worn engines. This is a product that must replace one quart of oil during your next oil change.

Slick 50

Slick 50 is an oil additive that can be used with every oil change and will not void any manufacturer warranty. It does not dilute regular or synthetic oil, so you must substitute it for one quart of oil. Slick 50 claims to help prevent friction and heat which provides a cooler and cleaner running engine. The manufacturers of Slick 50 also offer a free 50,000 mile warranty to anyone who uses the product. Slick 50 is designed only as a preventative for wear and breakdown and is not intended to repair any pre-existing condition.

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