What Kind of Oil Do I Put in an F150?

by James Price
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One of the basic, yet most important, forms of maintenance on a Ford F-150 is to change the oil. Whether you do it yourself or have a dealership/repair shop do it, you need to ensure you are using the right product to keep the engine running smoothly.

Brand usage

Ford recommends in your owner's manual that you use only motor oils approved by the American Petroleum Institute (API), bearing their seal of approval. As for the filter that you should use when changing the oil, Ford recommends using only manufacturer brand or Motorcraft brand filters. These filters will be made to work optimally with your truck, and reduce the risk of any engine damage or oil leaks.

Oil Weight

Perhaps the hardest decision to make when buying oil, is what weight to use. Ford recommends using Standard American Engine (SAE ) 5W-20 oil. Ford also approves the use of Motorcraft oil or any oil conforming to the API standards of excellence. According to the manual, using 5W-20 oil will ensure the best performance and longest life out of your engine.

When to do it

According to Ford's scheduled maintenance guide, you should change your engine oil and filter every 5,000 miles. This ensures your engine has clean oil running through it, and reduces the risk of unnecessary engine wear. If you tend to tow or carry heavy loads often, consider changing the engine oil and filter every 3,000 miles due to extra strain applied to the motor.

Further Recommendations

When changing your oil, many shops and stores may recommend purchasing or using certain additives with your new oil. Ford strongly recommends against using any such additives, as they can often cause extensive damage that is not covered by your warranty and could be extremely expensive to fix.

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