How to Repair a Convertible Top Rear Window

by Stephanie Temperino

Glass car windows are not necessarily the easiest to repair, but vinyl car windows, usually installed on the convertible top of a car, require fairly simple repairs. A flying, sharp object that hits the vinyl window can cause significant or minimal damage. Either way, you will need to purchase the materials needed to repair the window yourself. You can find the materials at a local hardware store, and the repair process should take no more than an hour or two.


Clean the vinyl surface with a solution of water and mild dish soap. Wash it with a soft sponge then dry the surface with a soft cloth.


Clean up the damaged area by cutting the vinyl fringes off with a pair of scissors.


Measure the size and shape of the damage, then cut the vinyl patch to twice that size.


Paint a thin amount of adhesive onto one side of the vinyl patch.


Place the patch over the torn spot and lower it until you have it in the correct position. Press it onto the vinyl and hold it in place until it remains in position.


Wait 24 hours or longer for the adhesive to dry. Do not put the convertible top down until dry.

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