Removing Door Panels From a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

by Nichole Liandi

Knowing how to remove the door panels on your Pontiac Grand Prix lets you tackle several different kinds of jobs. You can replace the speakers in the doors, fix a window that's come off its track, or even remove and replace a defective window motor. Door panels are designed so they can be removed and remounted, so with some basic tools you can do this job yourself.


Pry out two plastic screw covers from the recess in the door handle, using the tip of a flat-blade screwdriver. Remove the two Torx T30 screws underneath the cover.


Pry out the power switch panel in the door panel. Pull it out and disconnect the wiring plugs on the back.


Pry around the edges of the door panel with a panel tool. Lift the panel up and off the door when it is loose.

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