How to Troubleshoot the Air Conditioning in a Nissan Pathfinder

by Editorial Team

Avoid a trip to the mechanic by trying to troubleshoot problems yourself in your Nissan Pathfinder. While air conditioning problems are common, they are often quite simple to diagnose and even fix. Take a few easy steps to try and determine the cause of the air conditioning problems on your own.

Step 1

See if the problem is as simple as a blown fuse first. It is probably a blown fuse if the temperature controls on the dashboard seem to work correctly but have no effect on the air. The fuse box in a Nissan Pathfinder is located by the brake on the left lower side of the steering wheel. Pry off the fuse panel cover and find the blown fuse.

Step 2

Have a look at the control panel next, if the controls are not working at all. Find the control panel underneath the instrument panel. Disengage the air bags first. Then remove the lower panel screws on the driver's side, disconnect the electrical harness connectors and remove the panel. Remove the cluster lid "A" screws and the cluster lid "A."

Step 3

Remove the combination meter screws, disconnect the electrical harness connectors and remove the combination meter. Remove the cluster lid "C" screws, disconnect the electrical harness connectors and remove the cluster lid "C." Remove the audio assembly screws and then the audio assembly. Remove the air conditioning control unit screws, disconnect the electrical harness connectors and the air conditioning control unit.

Step 4

Take out the ashtray next. Remove the shifter for automatic, and remove the screw and disconnect the harness connector. Remove the lower instrument center panel screws and the lower instrument center panel. Remove the defroster grille. At both sides, remove the pillar garnishes. Finally remove the instrument panel.

Step 5

Listen for the blowing sound that comes from the blower motor. If you cannot hear it, then the blower motor is probably broken. Remove the lower section of the glove box. Unplug the electrical connection and pull out the blower motor.

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