How to Remove a Toyota Truck's Interior?

by Jenny Carver

Almost all Toyota truck interiors are made of gray or tan parts that are not difficult to remove. One person can remove the interior from a Toyota trunk, with the exception of the front bench seat in older model Toyotas, which may take two people. The interior consists of the seats, console, carpet, headliner and rear seat, if the truck is an extended cab. You can remove the interior in less than four hours.

Unbolt the seats from the floor by using a ratchet and 17 mm socket. There is one bolt on each leg of the seat. For electric front seats, unbolt them from the floor and then unplug the wiring harness underneath the seat before attempting to pull it out of the truck. For rear bench seats, remove the lower half of the seat as described. Pull the back of the seat down from the top and pop it out away from the back wall. There are no bolts holding it to the truck wall.

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove accessories from the ceiling. Remove the sun visors, clothes hangers and dome lights. Carefully pry the headliner away from the ceiling once all accessories removed. Bending the headliner too much can cause the headliner board to crack, which cannot be repaired. Angle the headliner so it can fit out of a front door.

Use a ratchet with an 8 mm socket to remove the center console from the Toyota truck. Carefully pry the surrounding plastic pieces away from the center console once you have removed the bolts. Pull the console out of the truck.

Unscrew the sill plates from the bottom of the doors. Pull the carpet up off of the floor. In new Toyota trucks, the front of the carpet underneath the dash may have Velcro holding it in place. Pull all of the carpet out of the Toyota.

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