How to Remove a Toyota Tercel's Rear Seat

by Justin Cupler

The Toyota Tercel first appeared in the U.S. in the 1980 model year, about two years after its release in Japan. It came on the market to compete in with the growing sales of other boxy, front-wheel drive subcompacts, such as the VW Rabbit, the Dodge Omni and the Ford Escort. In 1991, the Tercel underwent a fairly extensive redesign making the vehicle more rounded. The rear seat in the Tercel is a bench-style. Taking it out for repairs or more room is relatively simple.

Grab the lower seat cushion's two release rings, under the front of the seat near each end. Pull these rings toward the front of the Tercel to release the seat.

Pull the lower seat cushion up and away from the vehicle.

Look at the bottom portion of the seat-back cushion for the two bolts securing it to the vehicle.

Loosen and remove these two bolts using a ratchet and socket.

Push the seat-back cushion towards the roof of the car to release it from its mounts and pull it from the vehicle.

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