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How to Remove a Toyota Sienna Door Panel

by braniac

Removing a Toyota Door Panel takes a little gentleness to avoid breaking plastic parts. That is the only reason this is rated moderately challenging.

Removing the door panel from your Sienna should be not that difficult otherwise.

From stuck window mechanisms to wanting to install a new window there are good reasons to remove this panel. If you want to do it yourself here are the basic steps to follow and a couple of resources in the resource box. Now that its spring - dont' you want to fix all those pesky car problems?

HANDY tip: Invest in a magnetic holder dish to hold the screws as you remove them. :)

Step 1

Starting with the armrest : pop off armrest by gently lifting each corner up and prying in strategic places along edges.

Step 2

Locate the two screws that hold the door panel on and remove those and place into magnetic dish.

Step 3

To remove door handle: Remove the plastic plug and the screw by the door handle and Tape both together into magnetic dish so that it is not misplaced. Continue to locate and remove tabs or clips with gentle prying. Make sure to get the ones near the lock button, the bottom of the door handle and tape these into magnetic dish.

Step 4

Gently lift the Sienna door panel off. You may need to pry a little but be gentle. There should be some guides and you want to remember how it guides back in.

For more complete information check your Chilton's Manual and also the resource box at bottom of this article.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver
  • Tape

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