How to Remove a Spare Tire From Under a Truck Bed

by Thomas West
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In the early 20th century, pickup trucks were merely modified automobiles. However, pickup trucks came into their own when these highly versatile vehicles gained in popularity. Modern pickup trucks share virtually no parts with automobiles, whose spare tires are usually stowed in the trunk. To avoid wasting valuable cargo space by stowing the spare tire in the pickup truck bed, manufacturers mount the spare underneath the bed at the rear of the pickup truck. This solved the problem of what to do with the spare, but removing the tire from its spot under the bed can be a chore unless you know how to do it correctly.

Step 1

Locate your truck’s tire-changing tools and remove them from the vehicle.

Step 2

Find the jack-extension rods and the jack handle. Insert the two halves of the extension rods together until they click in place.

Step 3

Locate the hole in the rear bumper beside the rear license plate. Remove the lock from the hole with the ignition key, if your truck is so equipped.

Step 4

Insert the assembled extension rods into the hole until they make contact with the tire-lowering mechanism. Push the jack handle onto the protruding end of the extension rods. Turn the jack handle in a counterclockwise direction until the tire--held in place by a cable--reaches the ground.

Step 5

Use the hooked end of the lug wrench from your tire-changing tool kit and snag the tire-lowering mechanism’s cable. Pull the wrench away from the rear of the truck to drag the tire toward you.

Step 6

Angle the tire holder at the base of the lowering mechanism’s cable through the hole in the center of the spare tire's wheel. Remove the spare tire.

Reverse the order of Steps 1 to 6 to stow the spare tire under the pickup truck bed.


  • The tire-changing tools on some trucks may be mounted in the cab behind or under the rear seat, while in some vehicles the tools may be mounted under the hood in front of the radiator. Check your vehicle’s tire-changing instructions for the location of the tools.
  • The same steps to remove a spare tire from under a truck bed also apply to many large SUVs.

Items you will need

  • Tire-changing tools

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