How to Remove Throttle Cables

by Alibaster Smith

A throttle cable is a braided steel cable that controls the opening of the throttle plate inside of a throttle body. The throttle body controls how much air is let into the engine and is directly controlled by the gas pedal inside the vehicle. Over time, your throttle cables may need adjustment. However, it is possible for throttle cables to break or to become frayed to such an extent that you'll need to replace them. If that's necessary, the first thing you'll need to know is how to remove throttle cables.

Open the hood and locate the throttle body arm. This arm is the connecting point for the throttle cable.

Rotate the throttle body arm downward to release tension on the throttle cable.

Place the screwdriver underneath the loose throttle cable and ease it out of the grooves on the throttle body arm.

Pull the throttle cable pin connected to the throttle body arm. The pin will slide out of the pin lock now that the tension has been released.

Release the throttle body arm.

Remove the pin holding the throttle cable to the gas pedal inside the vehicle with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers to negotiate the pin off of the pedal.

Remove any mounting bracket bolts with a socket wrench in the engine bay.

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