How to Remove the Tilt Steering Handle in a Dodge Truck

by Kyle Sanstrom

The tilt steering handle in a Dodge Truck protrudes from the left side of the steering column. This handle is screwed into a small threaded hole in the center of the steering column. When this lever is actuated, it allows the steering column to tilt up or down, adjusting to the height and preference of the driver. This lever must be removed in order to remove the steering column from the vehicle.

Step 1

Shift the truck's transmission into park (automatic) or first gear (manual) and turn off the engine. Set the parking brake.

Step 2

Locate the tilt steering handle on the left side of the steering column, behind the turn signal lever.

Step 3

Clamp a pair of locking pliers tightly onto the metal section of the tilt steering handle.

Step 4

Rotate the locking pliers counterclockwise to break the steering handle loose. Remove the locking pliers from the handle. Loosen and remove the steering handle the rest of the way by hand.

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