How to Remove the Starter for My '98 Chevy Blazer

by Tyson Simmons

Starters are small, electric motors that cycle a vehicle's motor and allow it to begin running. These parts go through a good amount of wear and tear with time and extended use. After time, they can go out, preventing you from being able to start and operate your Chevy Blazer. Luckily, removing a starter from your '98 Blazer requires only a few basic tools and 10 to 20 minutes of time.

Step 1

Pull your Blazer to a flat location where the front of the vehicle is openly accessible.

Step 2

Pop the hood and disconnect the negative (black) terminal from the battery using a crescent wrench.

Step 3

Climb under the vehicle and locate the starter near the base of the radiatior carriage. The starter is an aluminum-coated cylindrical part with an electrical connection at the top.

Step 4

Remove the starter's electrical connections using the socket wrench. Be sure to keep track of the small connection washer, as you will have to reinstall this with a replacement starter.

Step 5

Remove the two mounting bolts around the sides of the starter using the socket wrench. These may be slightly corroded or rusted, so it may take some force to remove them.

Step 6

Gently slide the starter out of its housing.

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