How to Remove Shifter Knobs

by Kimberly Johnson
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All manual transmission vehicles have gear shift knobs in the floor or the center console. In addition, many newer model automatic transmissions also have the gear shift in the center of the vehicle. The knobs of the shifter are typically made of plastic and leather. Over time, the leather can wear out or get scratched and become unattractive. In these cases, you can remove the old shifter knob and replace it with a new one.

Step 1

Activate the parking brake for the vehicle to prevent it from rolling while you replace the shifter knob.

Step 2

Move the gear shift knob to either 2nd, 4th or reverse if it is a manual transmission. If the car is an automatic transmission, put the gear shift in neutral.

Step 3

Grasp the base of the gear shift knob in your hand and feel the base where it connects to the shaft. Push down on the plastic ring at the base to detach it from the shaft.

Step 4

Grasp the top of the knob in one hand and pull upward with firm pressure to remove the knob from the shaft.

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