How to Remove Scratches From a Black Car

by Larry Parr

As you probably know, scratches show up more clearly on a black car than on any other color; every scratch, no matter how small, seems to be magnified. There are two different types of scratches--a clear-coat scratch (sometimes referred to as "etching") and a deep scratch that goes through one or more layers of paint. We are dealing with removing shallow scratches, since removing deep scratches involves an entirely different process.

Step 1

Apply a small amount of Scratch-X (approximately 1 oz.) to approximately a 6 in. X 6 in. area where the scratch is.

Step 2

Using circular motions with your foam pad, rub the Scratch-X into the paint, using a bit of elbow grease, until the Scratch-X seems to disappear.

Step 3

Wipe the area gently with a damp microfiber cloth and then add more Scratch-X, again rubbing it in a circular motion, using a bit of pressure until the product once again seems to vanish. Repeat this process one more time, rubbing in a circular motion until the Scratch-X appears to disappear.

Step 4

Wash the car with a mild liquid soap and dry with a microfiber cloth.

Step 5

Apply a dual-action cleaner polish, allow to dry and buff, using a clean microfiber cloth.

Apply a good high-tech wax, following the manufacturer's instructions (some high-tech waxes need to dry and others should be buffed off wet), and buff with a clean microfiber cloth.


  • Don't be afraid to use a little elbow grease when applying Scratch-X. The clear coat on your car is harder than the paint under it and it takes a little effort to rub out clear-coat scratches.

Items you will need

  • Scratch-X
  • Foam applicator pad
  • Clean microfiber cloths
  • Dual-action cleaner polish
  • High-tech wax

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