How to Remove a Third Row Seat From a Jeep Commander

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One of the downsides of the Jeep Commander is a lack of storage space in the rear of the Jeep Commander. There are also odd blind spots produced by third-row seating. There's a solution to both of these problems, and it's to remove that third row seat. While doing this can be completed in an afternoon by a single person, it is recommended to have two people complete the job due to the weight of the seat.

How to Remove a Third Row Seat from a Jeep Commander

Make sure the back area of the Commander is clear of junk. You need a clear space to work.

You will have to remove the carrier from the seat to gain access to the jack.

There is a ribbed housing you have to remove to get to the hatchback latch. Slide your fingers under the bottom of the housing and pull firmly.

You will see 8 total nuts and bolts holding in the seat and jack in place. Start with the first bolt holding the seats down because this is by far the hardest to budge. After you have removed the bolt holding the seat in place, remove the 3 nuts holding the seat down. Remove the 4 bolts holding the jack in place.

With all the nuts and bolts removed, you can now remove the seat from the Commander.

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