How to Remove a Rear Window Panel in a Cavalier

by Kelly Reese

It is quite easy to damage the back panel in a Cavalier. There are several reasons why the rear window panel may need replacing. One reason is to install or repair the speakers in the window area. Another reason is to clean or remove items under the panel. The material that covers the back panel is easily worn out by the beaming sun. It also is easily torn if it is handled roughly.The material covering the panel is easily replaceable. Replacing the entire panel is a possibility as well. However, to do either choice requires removing the panel from the Cavalier to make the necessary repairs.

Locate the cloth handle on the back seat of the car. Depending on the model of Cavalier there may be two cloth handles, one on either side of the back seat. Firmly grasp the handle(s) and pull the seat forward. Push the seat firmly down until it lies flat.

Remove the three plastic holders embedded in the window panel. Insert the screwdriver horizontally, with the flat side facing down, under the plastic holder. Push the screwdriver downwards and notice the plastic holder moving upwards. Continue to push the screwdriver downwards along each side of the holder until it clicks. Grab the plastic and firmly pull up on it until it pops out of the socket. Continue the same process on the other two plastic holders until all three successfully pop out. Set the plastic holders to the side.

Remove the two large plastic black screws that are holding the window panel in place. These screws are located on the trunk where the back seat snaps in place to the back of the car. The screws are on either side of the trunk area. Bend the flat top of the screw to maintain a firm grasp. Firmly pull the screw until it pops out. Repeat the process to remove the other plastic screw. Place the screws to the side.

Lift the plastic panel on the left side connecting to the rear window panel. Fold the plastic panel back to further expose the window panel. Repeat the process on the right side.

Pull the rear window panel upwards and pull forward. Lift the panel up in the hole where the plastic holders once were. Pull forward from this area to move the panel away from the window. Continue to pull the panel forward to remove the entire panel.

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