How to Turn Off the Need Maintenance Light on a 2007 Toyota Camry After an Oil Change

by John Michael
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As a current owner of a Toyota Camry I have twice had the occasion to turn off the maintenance required light myself. Both times were shortly after having the oil changed. It can be a little scary as my first reaction was that something serious could be wrong with my car but it turned out to be something very simple. Toyota automobiles are able to track when your car needs to have its oil changed. It does this by having a maintenance light come on after 5,000 miles that needs to be manually re-set after changing the oil. If you go to the dealer for oil changes they will be able to do this but if you change your own oil then you will need to know how to re-set this light.

Re-setting the Maintenace Light

Step 1

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Insert the key into the ignition and turn to the ACC point, this is the first notch you come to. The engine will not turn on at this point and the dashboard lights will not come on but you should be able to turn the radio on so you can check to make sure you are in the right spot.

Step 2

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Push in the trip meter button which is next to the odometer and hold it in.

Step 3

While holding the odometer button in, turn the ignition key one more notch closer to turning on the car. The dashboard lights will turn on but the car will not start.

Step 4

Keep holding the trip odometer button in until the dashboard lights turn off. This will take about five to ten seconds. The maintenance required system will now be re-set and that light should not stay on while you are driving. If it does stay on, repeat the process. If it continues to stay on, contact the dealer as you may have a bigger problem that needs service.

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