How to Remove a Radio From a Ford Escape

by Alibaster Smith
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The radio in a Ford Escape is an auto-locking unit. It locks into the dash by means of retaining clips on the sides of the radio. Aftermarket radio units for the Escape should all be auto-locking units, so you will not be able to buy a generic unit with a universal bracket adjuster. When you have your new radio, the first thing you must do is remove the old unit.

Step 1

Slide the tips of the DIN tools into the slots on the side of the radio. There are two small access slots on each side of the Escape's radio. The DIN tools look like a horseshoe. There is one tool for each side of the radio.

Step 2

Apply outward pressure on the tool.

Step 3

Pull the radio straight out of the dash while maintaining pressure on the radio unit.

Step 4

Remove the electrical connector and the antenna from the back of the radio unit.

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