How to Remove the Passenger Kick Panel on a Mustang

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The passenger's side kick panel is the lower panel in your Ford Mustang's foot well. The kick panel must be removed to access the electronic control unit; you may also need to remove it to wire aftermarket electronics, such as an amplifier. The kick panel is attached by simple clips; once the door sill plate is taken off, the kick panel comes off with ease.

Open the passenger door and remove the sill plate. The sill plate runs along the bottom portion of the door opening, in line with the passenger seat. Grasp the plate at both ends and pull it up to remove it.

Grasp the lower corner of the kick panel (near the hole where the sill plate connected). Pull the kick panel off; it's attached by clips and comes off with ease once you remove the sill plate.

Replace the kick panel and sill plate when you are finished with your procedure. Attach the kick panel first, lining up the clips with the mounting holes. Push it in firmly to attach it, and then replace the sill plate in the same manner.


  • check If you are replacing, modifying or servicing your ECU, remember to disconnect the negative battery cable first. Always disconnect the cable before working with any wiring or electronics on your Mustang.

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