How to Remove the OnStar Fin on a Chevy Silverado

by Clifton Watson

OnStar is standard equipment on many GM vehicles including Chevy Silverados. This can be troublesome as there is a separate charge to maintain the OnStar service, and many customers choose not to use it. These customers may opt to remove the unsightly "fin" antenna that sits on the roof. It can be a little tricky as the antenna doesn't just pop off with ease, but it is entirely possible to remove the fin so the profile of your Silverado won't be unnecessarily marred.

Step 1

Pry loose the dome light towards the rear of your truck cab by with the screwdriver. Release it completely by removing any screws holding the dome light. Pull it out and unplug the ends of the wires.

Step 2

Remove all screws that are holding up the headliner in the cab. Start with the sun visors. The visors will be removed completely, so put them to the side for now. There should be more screws along the side where the headliner meets the side panels between the cab doors.

Step 3

Pull down the headliner completely after removing all of the screws.

Step 4

Locate the nut that is securing the OnStar fin to the top of the car. It will be on the exposed ceiling of the cab underneath where the fin is located on the outside. Remove the nut and any screws holding the antenna in place.

Step 5

Pull up the antenna from the roof of the car. Some plugs will come up with it, so unplug them to remove the fin completely. Re-attach the headliner and replace all the screws to finish the job.

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