How to Remove Motorhome Decals

by Alibaster Smith

Decals on motorhomes are typically made of vinyl with an adhesive backing. While they are, for the most part, permanent, they can be removed by heating the adhesive backing to a point where it no longer adheres to the surface. The process is very time-consuming, but simple.

Turn the heat gun on and pick an edge area of the decal you would like to start with. You can really only work on one area of the decal at a time.

Heat the edge of the decal gradually by holding the heat gun approximately a foot away from the decal.

Move the heat gun back and forth slowly over the same area until you can begin to peel up the edge of the decal. The adhesive should begin to soften after five minutes or so. Be careful not to hold the heat gun in exactly the same area; while you do want to soften the adhesive of the decal, you do not want to damage the clear coat or paint.

Peel the decal off slowly. After one of the edges on the decal has been lifted, work the gun over to an adjacent section of the decal. Continue to apply heat, moving the gun back and forth slowly a foot away from the decal until the next section of the decal lifts off the surface of the motorhome. Continue to do this over the entire decal until it has been removed.

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