The Best Way to Remove Duct Tape Residue From a Car Body

by Kimberly Ripley
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If duct tape has ever been used on your car, you'll soon discover a sticky residue that stays behind after the tape's removal. Rest assured, there are ways to remove this duct tape residue. You may need to try more than one method, however, in order to achieve full success. Perseverance and patience are key factors in getting this mess off your car.

Rubbing Alcohol

Before running out to the store for a product to try to fix your dilemma, try using plain old rubbing alcohol. In most cases the alcohol, when applied to the car body with a soft rag, will remove the residue from the duct tape with a little bit of rubbing. It won't damage the paint on the body of the car.


WD-40 has long been known for stopping squeaky door hinges and other household annoyances. Now in a new pen form, it will work just as well on removing duct tape residue from the body of your car. Simply remove the cap on the WD-40 pen and rub the felt tip over the residue. It should rub off in just a few strokes. Polish the area with a dry soft cloth to remove any residue left by the WD-40 once you're finished.

Goo Gone

A great product for removing the duct tape residue from your car's body is Goo Gone. Initially sold for removal of price tag residue on retail items, it will take the sticky mess off your car, too. Sprinkle a few drops directly onto the residue and allow it to sit for a minute or two. Then wipe gently but firmly with a soft cloth until both the residue and any traces of the Goo Gone are wiped away.

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