How to Remove Carmax Stickers

by Mel FrankUpdated July 21, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Paper towels

  • White vinegar

  • Water

Carmax is a car dealership that often places one of its stickers or decals onto the rear of the vehicle before it leaves the car lot for added promotion. When you purchase the vehicle, you typically want to get rid of that decal without causing any type of harm to your newly purchased vehicle. Whether the Carmax sticker is placed on your window, bumper or vehicle paint, you can easily remove the stickers with an inexpensive household ingredient.

Soak a paper towel in white vinegar.

Open the paper towel and lay it over the decal. Leave in place for five minutes.

Remove the paper towel and attempt to peel off the decal, starting at one corner. If the sticker does not easily peel off, place the paper towel back over the sticker for an additional five minutes. Repeat this routine until all of the sticker is removed.

Rub the wet paper towel over the area to remove any leftover sticker adhesive, saturating the paper towel with fresh vinegar if needed.

Rinse a clean paper towel under water and rub over the area to remove any leftover vinegar solution. Dry the area with a clean paper towel.

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