How to Remove a Rubber Mark From Auto Body Paint

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Rubber marks can be an eyesore on your car's paint finish. Fortunately, rubber marks can usually be completely removed, without leaving behind scratches or marks. The rubber is a soft compound and doesn't actually scratch or scuff the finish; it only leaves its mark on the outer layer. A clay bar is the most effective auto detailing method to remove rubber marks and other paint imperfections.

Step 1

Wash your car using a mild detergent or soap. Thoroughly spray it off and allow it to dry completely.

Step 2

Spray a few mists of clay lubricant on the marked area. Wipe the mark a few times with the clay bar. After a few cycles, knead the bar to make sure you are working with a fresh clay surface.

Step 3

Wipe the area clean with a microfiber towel after each application. Apply lubricant after each application. Repeat the process until the rubber mark is gone. It should only take a few applications, depending on the size and depth of the mark.

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