How to Remove Lug Nut Covers

by Kristine Brite
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Lug nut covers, or caps, are placed over the lug nuts on a tire's rim, mainly for aesthetic reasons. Some caps must be removed to reach the lug nuts, which must be removed in turn to take off the tire. Other caps are part of the lug nut and must be removed by cutting them off with metal cutters. Most lug nut covers are made of aluminum or plastic and removing them is not difficult.

Step 1

Pull the car into a safe and level location when your tire flattens. For routine maintenance, find a clean, level location to work.

Step 2

Put the pliers over one of the lug nut covers and press the handle together using your fingers or palm.

Step 3

Pull the pliers toward you to remove the caps.Too much force can crack a plastic lug nut while too little force will fail to remove the cap. Slowly use more pressure as needed. Repeat with each cap.

Step 4

Move to another tire and remove the caps, repeat until all the covers are off all four tires. Put the covers in a safe place so they aren't lost.

Step 5

Put all the covers back on after the tire is changed by sliding them over the lug nut.

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