How to Remove Locktight Bolts

by Alibaster Smith

Bolts that have been installed using locktight can be difficult to remove. locktight, usually spelled "loc-tite" or "lock-tite," is a compound that is put onto the threads of a bolt to help prevent it from working loose once the bolt has been fully torqued. However, there may come a time when you want to remove the bolt. The locktight doesn't cold-weld or "fuse" the threads on the bolt to the component that the bolt is threaded to, so removing the bolts without damage is possible.

Fit the correct socket onto the bolt you want to remove.

Attach the socket wrench to the back of the socket.

Slide a break-over bar over the handle of the socket wrench and turn the wrench and bolt counterclockwise. The break-over bar is a long, hollow bar that slides over the end of the the socket wrench. It provides the leverage necessary to remove many bolts that have been secured with locktight.

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