How to Remove a Jetta Door Panel

by Nichole Liandi

Removing the door panel of your Volkswagen Jetta lets you do many jobs yourself without relying on a mechanic such as changing speakers, repairing a power door lock, or fixing a window that's come off of its track. With simple tools, it's a job that you can handle with aplomb.

Remove the door handle by prying off the door handle cover and then removing the two Phillips screws.

Take out the power switches panel from the door by prying up the front edge and pulling it out. Disconnect any electrical harnesses attached to the switch panel.

Remove three Phillips screws that were exposed by the the removal of the switch panel.

Remove one Phillips screw from the the front edge of the door panel. It's located towards the top, just below the triangular door panel "sail."

Remove three Torx screws from the bottom edge of the door panel.

Pry out the bottom and then the sides of the door panel. This will release a series of retaining clips. Then lift the door panel firmly upward. Disconnect any electrical harnesses that are still connected and set the door panel to the side.

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