How to Remove the B-Pillar Interior Panel on a Volvo S80

by Jenny Carver

The Volvo S80 has a B-pillar interior panel located next to the front seats, between the front and rear doors that allows access to the top of the front seat belts. The panel offers no obvious removal methods because no screws, bolts or visible clips hold the panel in place. You can remove the B-pillar interior panel on a Volvo S80 in less than 20 minutes by yourself.

Open both doors on the side of the Volvo S80 fro which you plan to remove the B-pillar panel. Fold the front seat down, and slide it forward as far as possible to get it out of the way.

Pull the black weather stripping away from the front and rear sides of the B-pillar, near the front and rear doorway. The weather stripping begins at the bottom of the doorway on each side of the B-pillar. Pull it off and up until you have pulled the entire piece from the car.

Slide your finger underneath a bottom corner of the plastic B-pillar, near the floor of the Volvo. Pull it up and away from the side of the car. If you can't fit your finger under the edge, use a screwdriver to pry it up gently until your finger can fit underneath it. Pull the plastic panel until it pops off of the car. Pop off the two clips behind the panel holding it in place; push them back in later, when you replace the B-pillar panel.

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