How to Remove the Ignition From a Jeep

by Christian Killian

Over time, the ignition in your Jeep can wear, or damage can occur to the ignition's internal mechanisms. Replacing the ignition takes a few minutes' time and is often the best solution to the problem. A new ignition with a new key is available through the Jeep dealer, but often the dealer can set the tumblers in the ignition to match your current key so you do not have to carry a separate door key and ignition key for your Jeep.


Place the Jeep in park if it has an automatic transmission. Place the ignition key in the ignition and turn it to the "On" position.


Locate the small hole in the bottom of the steering column, just below the ignition. There is a tang inside the column that must be released before removing the ignition. Insert a small screwdriver or punch into the hole in the steering column and push the screwdriver up to depress the tang inside the housing.


Hold the screwdriver up and grasp the ignition with the other hand. Pull straight out on the ignition and withdraw it from the steering column. Release the tang by removing the screwdriver from the hole in the steering column.

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