How to Remove the Headliner in a Yukon Denali

by Nathaniel Miller

The GMC Yukon Denali is a large sport-utility vehicle that provides plenty of power, comfortable seating, and off-road capability. The headliner is the cloth and board piece that covers the ceiling of the car and provides insulation and a sound barrier to driving noise. Over time the headliner may begin to sag, become discolored or get holes in it, at which point it becomes necessary to replace it before it falls in the driver's eyes. Replacing the Yukon Denali headliner is fairly simple and can be done by any home mechanic.

Step 1

Remove all of the trim from around the edges of the headliner by prying it away from the doors and windows with a screwdriver.

Step 2

Disconnect the overhead light by unscrewing the mounting bracket with the screwdriver and pulling the wiring harness out of the ceiling. Pull the butterfly clips from the edge of the headliner free. Use the pliers to pry the clips free.

Step 3

Lay the front seats down in order to maneuver the headliner out of the passenger side door and lay the old headliner next to the new headliner on the ground and transfer the butterfly clips from one headliner to the other.

Step 4

Spray the adhesive around the perimeter of the headliner and allow it to dry to tacky (around 15 minutes).

Step 5

Slide the headliner into the cab of the Denali and press the headliner to the ceiling. Press the butterfly clips into place and applying firm pressure around the entire perimeter of the headliner, reinstall the trim. Reattach the wire to the overhead light by pressing the wiring harness firmly into the connection in the ceiling, then reinstall the mounting bracket and press the light fixture back into place on the headliner.

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