How to Remove the Headlight on a Lexus GS300

by Alibaster Smith
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The Lexus GS300 is a midsized luxury sports sedan made by the Lexus arm of Toyota. While the vehicle is designed with a good fit and finish, the components are not indestructible. If the headlight on your Lexus GS300 needs to be replaced, you can purchase replacement parts from a Lexus dealer or from most auto parts stores. Unlike most vehicles, it is not obvious just by looking at it how to remove the headlight, so you will need to know the proper procedure to avoid damaging the headlight assembly.

Step 1

Loosen the lug nuts on the front wheels. Only turn the lug nuts a quarter-turn counterclockwise.

Step 2

Jack up the Lexus GS 300 using the front jack point behind the radiator.

Step 3

Place jack stands under the pinch welds of the GS300 and lower the vehicle onto the stands.

Step 4

Finish removing the lug nuts using a tire wrench and pull the wheels off the wheel hub.

Step 5

Remove the plastic retainers that hold the inner wheel liner in place.

Step 6

Pull the wheel liner down.

Step 7

Remove the two 10 millimeter bolts that hold the headlight housing in place.

Step 8

Slide the headlight housing forward toward the front of the vehicle.

Step 9

Unplug the power connector running to the headlight ballast.

Step 10

Turn the headlight bulb counterclockwise and pull it out of the housing.

Step 11

Remove the housing from the Lexus GS 300.

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