How to Remove Harley-Davidson Exhaust Mufflers

by Justin Mark

There is nothing like the roar of a Harley-Davidson's V-twin engine, whose unique design gives the Harley its distinctive sound. Harley owners often customize the muffler to make it either louder or quieter than the stock muffler. Another reason for customizing the muffler is to enhance the overall aesthetics of the motorcycle. Whatever your reason, you do not need an expert to remove and replace your Harley's muffler. The job is straightforward and requires only a few basic tools.

Park your Harley on a hard, level surface such as your garage or driveway. Rest the motorcycle on the kickstand. Let the engine cool completely.

Remove the motorcycle's main fuse to avoid accidental start up of the motorcycle. Refer to the owner's manual to properly remove the fuse.

Remove the muffler clamp by unscrewing the muffler clamp bolt, using the socket wrench and a 15-mm socket. The muffler clamp is located between the muffler and the exhaust pipe.

Spray WD40 in the junction between the muffler and the exhaust pipe.

Remove the muffler's bolts and lock washers using the socket wrench. The bolts hold the sliding bracket connected to the rubber mount of the muffler.

Remove the rubber mount that secures the muffler to the sliding bracket, using the socket wrench.

Hold the muffler at the end and slowly wiggle it off the exhaust pipe.

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