How to Replace the Catalytic Converter on a Jeep Cherokee

by Mark O'Brien
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A catalytic converter is an automotive part that helps convert harmful toxins that an engine creates to less harmful water vapors and carbon dioxide. Environmental Protection Agency mandates allow catalytic converters to be replaced in vehicles only if they have more than 50,000 miles or if they have been in an accident. Replacing a catalytic converter on a Jeep Cherokee is fairly easy. With most catalytic converters, you have to unbolt and saw them out of the exhaust system; but the Jeep Cherokee's is just bolted into the exhaust system pipes.

Step 1

Locate the catalytic converter. Lie on your back and slide under your Jeep Cherokee. The catalytic converter is connected into the exhaust system pipe. It is bolted to the exhaust pipe coming from the engine, and the back of the catalytic converter is bolted to the exhaust pipe running to the muffler.

Step 2

Place the proper socket size on the nuts holding the U-bolts through the catalytic converter brackets. Unscrew the two bolts in the front and back of the catalytic converter.

Step 3

Place the new catalytic converter between the exhaust pipes. There will be an arrow on the base of the catalytic converter; the arrow should be point toward the engine.

Step 4

Tighten the nuts back on the bolts that go through the brackets on the front and back of the catalytic converter.

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