How to Remove Hail Damage From Cars

by Melynda Sorrels

Hail tends to come without warning. As quickly as it comes, it is gone. Depending on the size of the hail and intensity with which it comes down, it can leave a nasty little series of reminders on a car. Hail dents are usually small in size and can easily be removed without having to go to an expensive body shop. There are several proven methods that can remove dents from hail with minimal effort.

Leave the car in direct sunlight so that it heats up and is hot to the touch. Place small pieces of dry ice in the center of the dents for a few seconds and remove them. The dents will pop out on their own. Wipe the area down with a soft clean cloth.

Use another alternative to remove the hail damage. Heat the dented area with a hair dryer and place a cold wet cloth on the dent while the area is still hot. The dent will pop out by itself.

Know that you could also place a piece of aluminum foil over the dent and heat it with a lighter for 30 seconds. As soon as the foil is removed, spray the dent with liquid CO2 by holding a can of compressed air upside down and spraying the area thoroughly. Allow up to a minute for the dent to pop out and wipe the area with a clean soft dry cloth.


  • check Always wear gloves when handling dry ice.

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