How to Remove the Rear Sliding Glass Window on a Dodge Dakota

by Christian Killian

Replacing the sliding rear window on a Dodge Dakota pickup starts with removal of the old glass. The window sits in a rubber gasket that seals to the window frame as well as on the opening in the truck cab. Removing the window with the gasket is the only way to get the gasket out in one piece, saving it for reuse later. The window will come out with very little effort and in about 10 minutes, but be careful that you do not pop it out of the cab so quickly that it falls and gets broken.

Slide the seat in your Dakota as far forward as possible, then fold the seat back forward. Climb into the truck behind the seat and locate the retaining screws in the trim around the rear window of your truck.

Remove the screws from the trim panels with a Phillips screwdriver, then pop the panels off and set them aside. Locate the rubber gasket that runs around the perimeter of the rear window.

Pull down the corner of the rubber gasket and insert a flat screwdriver between the gasket and the truck body to hold the gasket down. Move about two inches over and pull the gasket down again. Insert another flat screwdriver.

Continue pulling the gasket away from the body, working your way along the top of the window. Push slightly on the window as you work until you can slide the top and sides out of the truck body.

Grasp the top of the window from the outside of the cab; pull up and out, separating the window, frame, and gasket from the cab of the truck. Set the window and gasket somewhere safe.

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