Do it Yourself: Ford Expedition Auto Glass Replacement

by Wesley Tucker
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The Ford Expedition sport utility vehicle has lots of glass all the way around from the windshield to the back tailgate. Replacing these eight windows (one windshield, four doors, two cargo and back windows) is not difficult, but it does take some time and muscle. Big pieces of tempered auto glass are very heavy. When removing and installing auto glass, wear gloves for a better grip and ask for help.


The Expedition's windshield is held in place by a surrounding rubber gasket. Remove the window using a gasket pry tool (available at most hardware stores) to remove the gasket seal. Then, lift the window out. If your model has the instrument package attached behind the rearview mirror, remove it with a screwdriver.

Replacing the windshield is the same process in reverse. Install the new glass and replace the gasket seal using the pry tool. When removing and installing the windshield always have help to lift and position the glass. The Ford Expedition's windshield is a large, thick and very heavy piece of tempered safety glass.


Remove the seal strip that seals the window to the door frame with the window down. After removing the strip raise the window. Removing the door windows means disassembling the door. Start by removing the arm rest and the connecting wires for the remote control switched. Then, remove the screws holding the interior door panel. Remove the door panel to the window bracket secured to the lift mechanism. Use a screwdriver to free the window from the bracket. Lift the window out following the curve of the door.

To replace the window follow the same procedure in reverse. If you are replacing a door window, you may also want to replace the sealing strip. The new window may not sit in the old worn strip.

Cargo Windows

The cargo windows are removed just like the windshield. First use the pry tool to remove the gasket and then remove the window. When doing this, however, you might want an extra set of hands to hold the window in place. When the gasket is pried loose, the window could possibly topple forward. The procedure is true when installing the window.

Tailgate Window

This is the easiest window of all eight to remove. Just use a screwdriver to disassemble to the top hinges and move the window out. Again, however, have help to hold the window while removing it. A replacement window from the factory will have the hinge attached for easy installation.

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