How to Remove Front Door Panels

by Robert Good

If you have to replace the power window motor, power window switches, speakers or rewire any components on the front doors on your vehicle, you will have to remove the door panel to access any component on the door. The front door panel is held in place on the front door by a number of screws at the bottom of the door and along the edge of the door on the side of the door. Also, most vehicle's front door panels have plastic securing tabs, locking the panel in place on the door.

Open the front door all the way. Locate the securing screws at the bottom of the door and on the arm rest.

Remove the securing screws at the bottom of the door frame using the screw driver. Remove the securing screws on the arm rest as well. Place the securing screws in a place so that you will not lose them.

Pull the door panel away from the door. Look behind the door panel and disconnect the wire connected to the window and door locks. Pull the door panel off the front door.


  • close Disconnect the vehicle's battery before you start to work on your vehicle to avoid serious electric shock.

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