How to Remove Ford Trim

by Allen Moore

Ford vehicles have both interior and exterior trim components. Their purpose is to enhance the vehicle aesthetically. The trim often hides fasteners and seams of other components, which give the vehicle a rough appearance. Often, when performing mechanical repairs of body work, you will find it necessary to remove the trim. Always use care and the proper tools when doing so to prevent damage to the Ford or to the trim pieces.

Exterior Trim

Hold a 1-foot length of dental floss between your two hands.

Slide the center portion of the length of floss behind the trim component you wish to remove, such as a Ford emblem or model/engine badge.

Pull the floss slowly between the trim component and the body of the Ford. The floss will cut through the double sided adhesive that holds the trim in place, allowing you to pull the trim off by hand when done.

Clean the leftover adhesive residue off the body panel with acetone and a rag. Use the acetone sparingly as too much can damage the paint finish. Apply a coat of wax to the area when done.

Interior Trim

Find the edge of the trim in question and slip the tip of the trim tool under the edge.

Pry upward slowly and carefully until the trim pops loose.

Repeat the preceding two steps until the trim is ready for you to remove by hand.


  • check You can purchase a good trim tool at most auto parts retailers for the same price as an equal quality screwdriver.


  • close Never use a screwdriver in place of a trim tool as it can greatly increase your chances of damaging the trim.

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