How to Remove a Ford Kingpin

by Russell Wood

Although it's not used much anymore, Ford used to use a kingpin on the front suspension of their trucks to connect the I-beam to the steering knuckle. The kingpins provide a pivot point for the knuckle, allowing it to turn with the steering wheel. The kingpins are difficult to get out of the I-beam, and it can be a very frustrating process to remove it, depending on the age of the vehicle and its suspension.


Lift up the front of the truck by the jack and secure it on the jack stands. Take off the wheels and tires with the tire iron.


Clamp the rubber brake line close to its connection with the steel hardline using the brake-line clamp. Disconnect the brake line leading to the back of the brake drum or brake caliper using the line wrench.


Remove the dust caps on the top and bottom of the kingpin, which is the vertical piece of steel connecting the steering knuckle to the I-beam. Remove the locking bolt in the side of the kingpin using the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket.


Place the drift on the kingpin. Hammer the drift with the sledgehammer until the kingpin comes out of the I-beam.


  • check If you can't get the kingpin out, one other method is to heat up the I-beam using a torch. This will expand the metal in the I-beam, and may break up any rust or corrosion that's on the surface.

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