How to Remove a Ford F-150 Door Panel

by Nichole Liandi

Knowing how to remove the interior door panel from your Ford F-150 pickup truck is a useful skill. It's necessary if you're going to replace the speakers, add power door lock actuators, or repair a window that's gone of the track, for instance. Removing the door panel takes only a few minutes if you follow a few simple steps.

Locate the window crank handle. The cover of the crank handle pries off, exposing a Torx T-20 screw that holds the handle on. Pop off the cover of the window crank handle by prying it off with a panel tool or putty knife.

Remove the T-20 screw with your Torx wrench. Pull the window crank handle off and set it aside, along with the screw.

Pry off the sail panel at the front edge of the window. Pry it off using your panel tool. Then undo the phillips screw that is exposed. Set the sail panel and screw aside.

Look behind the inside door handle. You'll see a plastic cover. Pry this off and loosen the screw behind the cover until the handle comes off. Set the cover and handle aside.

Grasp the sides of the door panel on the front and back and lift firmly. The door panel will slide up and release from its clips. When the door panel is loose, lift it away from the door and set it aside.

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