How to Remove a Ford Explorer Door Panel

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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If you need to replace the speakers in your Ford Explorer or replace a power window motor or door lock switch, you will first need to remove the interior door panel to access these components. The Ford Explorer door panel is attached in the same manner as on most other vehicles: with a series of plastic clips around the perimeter. Before you simply pop the door panel off, there are several steps to take and items to remove.

Step 1

Gather tools and park your Explorer in a well-lit location. You will be working with electrical components, so disconnect the negative battery cable for safety.

Step 2

Use the trim panel tool or flathead screwdriver to pry off the small trim panel surrounding the interior door handle. Once the trim panel is unclipped, pull the handle towards you to slide the panel around it.

Step 3

Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the two mounting screws beneath the door panel armrest.

Step 4

Pry the edges of the door panel from the interior part of the door. Insert the trim panel tool or the flathead screwdriver to do this. The door panel is attached by several clips. When tugged, the panel will pop free from the clips mounted to the door panel.

Step 5

Pull the door panel up to separate it from the power window control switch panel. Disconnect the electrical connection to remove the power window switch panel, if desired.

Step 6

Unhook the power mirror switch connection from the door panel (if equipped) and the connection for the door panel courtesy light.

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