How to Remove a Ford CD Player

by Jennifer Habersham

Most Ford vehicles come with a standard CD player/radio installed in the dashboard of the vehicle. And while this can be convenient for some, others who prefer a CD player with a few more bells and whistles may find removing the preinstalled CD player to be quite difficult. Thankfully, with the proper tool and some elbow grease, you can remove the CD player from your Ford vehicle in no time.

Insert your U-shaped radio removal tool into the holes on the upper left- and right-hand corners of the CD player's faceplate. The faceplate will have four holes, one at each corner.

Push the tool forward until you hear a clicking sound.

Pull the tool toward you, until the CD faceplate starts to pull out slightly. Be gentle.

Remove the U-shaped tool and repeat the process on the lower half of the CD player's faceplate. Once again, pull on the faceplate gently, so you don't break it.

Remove the screwdrivers from the faceplate and pull the CD player (it is attached to the faceplate) out of the dashboard.


  • check You can purchase U-shaped screwdrivers at Walmart or from some Ford dealerships.


  • close If you yank on the CD faceplate, you can cause damage to your dashboard (like scratches and gouges).

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