How to Remove a Durango Bumper

by Christian Killian
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Removing the front bumper from a Dodge Durango will allow you to add an after-market unit or a new bumper should yours become damaged. The bumper is attached to the frame of the Durango with inner and outer frame mounts and can be removed with basic hand tools. The bumper is heavy, so having a helper will make removing it easier. If your Durango has fog lights in the bumper, you will need to disconnect them before you take the bumper off the truck.

Step 1

Support the bumper with a jack so that it does not drop when the bolts are removed. Open the hood of the truck and locate the electrical connectors on the back of the fog lamps if your vehicle has them. Press the locking tab on the connector and separate it from the vehicle wiring harness. Do this for both lights.

Step 2

Remove the plastic push-in connectors that attach the air dam to the mount on the lower edge of the bumper. They just snap out and can be reached from the space between the radiator support and the grill. Reach down to the bottom edge and the bracket will be right there.

Step 3

Pull back the front wheel house liner where it meets the front of the fender. Behind it you will find two bolts that attach the outer bumper brackets to the frame. Remove the two bolts with a ratchet and socket or wrench on both sides of the truck. Save the bolts for use when the new bumper is installed.

Step 4

Locate the bolts that secure the bumper to the inner bumper mounts on the inside of the frame rail. They can be reached from the top inside the space between the radiator support and the grill. Remove these four bolts with a socket and ratchet. Be sure that the bumper is supported because it is now loose from the mounts.

Step 5

Slide the bumper forward, separating it from the frame of the truck. Carefully lower the bumper to the ground or move it to a safe spot.

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